College of Business


Steps to Admission

Admission to Auburn University is the first step for students who plan to pursue a degree in the College of Business. The online application form is a convenient option for most students (link to application).  Note the application deadlines and high school coursework requirements.

The College offers one undergraduate degree with many options for major and minor fields of study. The degree requires a core of pre-Business classes taken by all students, regardless of their major fields of study.

For freshmen, admission decisions are based on high school grades and scores on the American College Test or Scholastic Aptitude Test. Incoming freshmen planning to major in Business are admitted to Auburn as Pre-Business majors. Students must maintain a 2.2 GPA at Auburn in order to take Business courses.

Freshmen are required to take a Mathematics Placement Test for proper placement in college-level math courses (link to math placement information).


Students who have completed Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate courses in high school may be eligible for course credit at Auburn. The Office of the Registrar maintains listings of possible course credit for AP and IB classes (AP, IB, CLEP info).

Students who hold a degree from another Auburn School or College may earn a second undergraduate degree by completing the Business Core and Major and supporting coursework.

Students whose first degree is not from Auburn University may earn a second undergraduate degree by completing the Business Core and Major and supporting coursework.

Students who have a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree from the Auburn College of Business may not return to Auburn and receive a second BSBA degree. The admissions application for students seeking a second bachelor’s degree may be found on the Auburn University Admissions website (second degree).

I. Minimum GPA Requirements: 
2.00 AU cumulative GPA  (GAP’d GPA will be honored)

II. Majors Offered in the College of Business:
Accountancy, Aviation Management, Business Administration, Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship and Family Business, Human Resources Management, Information Systems Management, International Business, Finance, Marketing, Management, Professional Flight Management, and Supply Chain Management

More information:

III.  Career opportunities are associated with Business degrees:
Students who have questions about internship and/or career opportunities may visit the Office of Professional and Career Development in 101 Lowder.

IV. Course Requirements for Each Major:
NOTE:  All new College of Business students will enter as ‘Pre-Business’ majors.  After completing the following five courses (or their transfer equivalents), Pre-Business majors are eligible to declare one of the 4-year Business programs listed in section II of this guide:  ENGL 1100, MATH 1680 or 1610, ECON 2020, ACCT 2110, and COMP 1000 or 1003.

Curriculum models for each major can be found at:

Scroll down to ‘Curriculum Models’
(Note 1: Pay close attention to questions – this will lead you to your appropriate curriculum model.)
(Note 2: There is no substitution for MATH 1690.)

V. How and When Can I Transfer Into the College of Business?
Students who meet the 2.00* GPA requirement may transfer into the College of Business at any time.  Students should retrieve their academic file and a transfer form from their current academic advisor.  Students should bring both items to Pre-Business Academic Advising Office in 130 Lowder Hall to complete the transfer process.  The Academic Advising Office is open Monday-Friday, 7:45-11:45 and 12:45-3:45.  (Note: Hours are subject to change due to orientation sessions or campus events.)

*Students who have not yet earned grades at Auburn are eligible to transfer into the Harbert College of Business during their first semester.

VI. Course Transfer Rules:
• MATH 1610 or 1617 will satisfy the HCoB MATH 1680 requirement.
• Any transferred STAT course will satisfy the HCoB BUAL 2600 requirement.
• COMP 1000, COMP 1003, or a sufficient score on the COMP 1AA0 equivalent exam are the only on-campus equivalents that can be used to satisfy the CoB IT Literacy requirement.
• The ONLY Philosophy courses that can be used to satisfy the CoB Ethics requirement are PHIL 1020, PHIL 1030, or PHIL 1040.  No other PHIL course can satisfy this requirement.
• Students who plan to pursue a major in either Professional Flight or Aviation Management are required to complete Physics course work, regardless of previously completed science credit(s).
• Students transferring from ENGINEERING, COSAM or NURSING who have questions about prior completion of their core science credits may email with specific questions.
• Per university policy, students cannot receive credit for more than 4 hours of PHED courses.
• Students pursuing a major in the College of Business cannot receive credit for ACCT 2810, MNGT 3810, MKTG 3810, or FINC 3810

VII. Planning Courses Before Officially Being Accepted into the CoB
Students should plan according to (1) notes on the printed curriculum model, and (2) Pre-requisites and course descriptions listed in the AU Bulletin.  Students can determine which courses they need to take for the upcoming semester by printing a copy of their intended curriculum model, marking through the course work they have completed and are currently completing, and reading course pre-requisite information for the remaining courses that have not been 'marked through'.

Current and prospective HCoB majors are required to use the AU Bulletin to find course descriptions and course pre-requisites.  
- Click on ‘Courses of Instruction’
‘Pr.’ is the abbreviation for pre-requisite

Incoming transfer students planning to major in Business are admitted to Auburn as Pre-Business majors. Students must maintain a 2.2 GPA at Auburn in order to take Business courses. Students taking course work at an Alabama two- or four-year school should refer to the Alabama STARS guide for information on course selection.