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Professional Flight Management

The Pilot Program for Success

Auburn University has been actively involved in aviation education since 1941, and has consistently been a leader in aviation education and research.  Auburn’s aviation programs are accredited by the Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI), the agency responsible for academic accreditation of aviation and aerospace educational programs.

The professional flight management program offers a quality education in required ground and flight courses and requires the completion of three advanced flight ratings at Auburn beyond the private pilot certification.  These include the Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot Certification, and Multi-Engine Rating.  Flight instructor courses are also available and include the Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), CFI with Instrument Rating (CFII), and Multi-Engine Instructor (MEI).

Flight operations are conducted at the Auburn-Opelika Robert G. Pitts Airport, which is owned and operated by Auburn University. The facility is only two miles from campus and is easily accessible from campus via the university’s Tiger Transit shuttle service.  The program utilizes a number of modern single-engine, complex, and multi-engine aircraft, as well as Solon Dixon Flight Simulators in performing its mission.

Department Head

Terry Byrd

Bray Distinguished Professor


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