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Today, business success often depends on the efficient management of the flow of goods across the global market place –a process that grows increasingly complex.  The Supply Chain Management major equips students to handle this complexity by combining logistics and operations management training and provides a practical understanding of procurement, operations, and logistics.

Our students gain valuable experience via required internships, case competitions,  and analytical projects. Given our applied and practical educational focus, a variety of companies ranging from start-ups to multi-billion dollar enterprises like Georgia-Pacific, Lockheed Martin, The Home Depot, and ThyssenKrupp hire our students. More than 100 students graduate from the SCM program each year and starting salaries for Fall ‘13 grads averaged $49,800.

Our team of leading educators has significant business and/or military experience. This practice-based expertise enhances our ability to solve supply chain problems, create effective management development programs, and conduct custom research.  The AU faculty is ranked #8 globally for SCM research productivity in a recent  journal report.

The Harbert College of Business is establishing a SCM research and resource center to facilitate industry engagement. Key capabilities include: conducting annual studies, creating and executing customized development programs, facilitating internship and employment opportunities for our students, and driving thought leadership through cutting-edge research. Whatever your needs may be, the Center will connect you to the appropriate Auburn University resources.

For information about the SCM program and resource center’s capabilities, contact Dr. Brian Gibson at brian.gibson@auburn.edu or 334.844.2460.

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